EssJay Review #1

I am doing this to practice writing, expression, and documenting experience. I do not necessarily have a goal in mind for this blog. Just an avenue of open dialogue.

Who am I?

I am Steve. Why EssJay? My first and middle names are Steven Jerome…S, J…EssJay.  I live in Buffalo, NY, I work in higher education, have an awesome dog, an even better wife. I love food, travel, training, reading, music, animals, my city, tattoos, drums, athletics, and cars – areas you will likely see on this post. You may find some random things on here and that is OK – take it with a grain of salt as I am not an expert, I am just like you. I will post my workouts, books, travel, concerts, food (no I wont be a douche bag food blogger) and anything else I find interesting, that maybe you will find interesting. Comment, criticize, debate, suggest, just be nice and considerate.

Thanks for reading.


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